Habib Toye

PhD Student

Research Interests

​Habib's research focuses on developing and implementing efficient ensemble Kalman filters for data assimilation into a high resolution model of the Red Sea. He has developed a fault-free DART-MITgcm ensemble assimilation system and successfully tested it with 1000-members on the KAUST supercomputer Shaheen. Habib also derived cost-effective adaptive ensemble OI schemes and demonstrated their relevance for assimilating SSH and SST data in the Red Sea. He is currently working on developing a hybrid EnKF scheme with an adaptive static ensemble covariance to be tested in the Red Sea.

Selected Publications

A fault-tolerant HPC scheduler extension for large and operational ensemble data assimilation: Application to the Red Sea
H. Toye, S. Kortas, P. Zhan, I. Hoteit
Journal of Computational Science, vol. 27, pp. 46 - 56, 2018

Ensemble data assimilation in the Red Sea: Sensitivity to ensemble selection and atmospheric forcing
H. Toye, P. Zhan, G. Gopalakrishnan, A. R. Kartadikaria, H. Huang, O. Knio, I. Hoteit
Ocean Dynamics, vol. 67, no. 7, pp. 915-933, 2017


  • ​M.Sc., Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Grenoble Institute of Technology (ENSIMAG), France, 2010