John Gittings

PhD Student

Research Interests

​John's research involves the use of satellite remote sensing to monitor and study phytoplankton dynamics across the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf. Currently, He is investigating how the timing and community structure of seasonal phytoplankton blooms in the Red Sea may be changing in relation to the regional physical environment and the broader climate regime.

Selected Publications

Evaluating tropical phytoplankton phenology metrics using contemporary tools
J.A. Gittings, D.E Raitsos, M. Kheireddine, M.F. Racault, H. Claustre & I. Hoteit
Scientific Reports, in press

Impacts of warming on phytoplankton abundance and phenology in a typical tropical marine ecosystem
J.A. Gittings, D.E. Raitsos, G. Krokos & I. Hoteit
Scientific Reports, 8(1), 2240, 2018

Remote sensing of environment seasonal phytoplankton blooms in the Gulf of Aden revealed by remote sensing
J.A. Gittings, D.E. Raitsos, M.F Racault, R.J.W. Brewin, Y. Pradhan, S. Sathyendranath & T. Platt
Remote Sensing of Environment. 189, 56–66, 2017

The Gulf of Aden intermediate water intrusion regulates the southern Red Sea summer phytoplankton blooms
D. Dreano, D.E. Raitsos, J.A. Gittings, G. Krokos & I. Hoteit
PLoS ONE, 1–20, 2016


  • M.Sc. Marine Science, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, 2016
  • B.Sc. Marine Biology and Oceanography, Plymouth University, United Kingdom, 2015