Lily Genevier

PhD Student

Research Interests

​Lily is interested in investigating the impacts of global stressors on marine ecosystems, using remotely-sensed data and model simulations. She has recently been working on identifying Marine Heatwave characteristics capable of causing coral bleaching in the Red Sea. Lily will also be working on linking Red Sea fisheries outputs to changes in environmental conditions (e.g. temperature, primary productivity), which she hopes to use to influence fisheries management in the Red Sea.

Selected Publications

Biology and fisheries of Hilsa shad in Bay of Bengal
Hossain, M.A.R., Das, I., Genevier, L., Hazra, S., Rahman, M., Barange, M., & Fernandes, J.A.
Science of the Total Environment, 651, 1720–1734, 2019

Climate change alters fish community size-structure, requiring adaptive policy targets 
Queirós, A.M., Fernandes, J., Genevier, L., & Lynam, C.P.
Fish and Fisheries, 19(4), 613–621, 2018


  • ​M.Res., Applied Marine Science, Plymouth University, UK, 2017
  • B.Sc., Biology, Imperial College London, UK, 2016