• Mohamad was awarded the provost Academic Excellence Award for KAUST PhD students
  • Mohamad successfully defended his PhD thesis proposal. The committee was composed of Prof. Omar Knio (Duke), Dr. J​ohan Valstar (Deltares), Prof Shuyu Sun (KAUST), and Prof. Ibrahim Hoteit (KAUST)​​​
  • Thomas paper entitled "Visual Analysis of Uncertainties in Ocean Forecasts for Planning and Operation of Off-Shore Structures" got awarded an honorable mention (among the top five papers) at the PacificVis-2013, Sydney, Australia.
  • Dr. Johan Valstar is visiting the group on 24/02/2013
  • Donysios is moving to Plymouth Marine Laboratory as senior research scientist. Congratulations Dio!
  • First KAUST - Oxford University Modeling Camp, KAUST, Jan 12-16, 2013
  • Denis is visiting Prof. Bani Mallick group at Texas A&M
  • Dionys work is featured on the red sea temperature change is featured in​ 
  • CIMPA/MCSE/GCR winter school in “Applied and Computational Mathematics on Uncertainty Quantification”, KAUST, 5-12 January 2012
  • The group is hosting Dr. Remus Hanea from Delft University of Sciences and Technology on Dec 1-7, 2011
  • Workshop on “Cyber Physical Systems for Developing Nations”, LUMS School of Science & Engineering, Lahore, Pakistan, Nov 2011
  • Ibrahim and Mohamad are giving ta​lks at the Ninth Adjoint workshop, 9-14 Oct 2011, Sicily, Italy
  • ​D​ionysios is giving a talk at the Plankton 2011 meeting, Sep 22-23 2011. Plymouth, UK
  • On Sept 1, 2011 Dr. Sarah Zedler is joining the group to work on the “Optimization and uncertainty quantification of ocean boundary layer project in collaboration with the University of Texas at Austin. Sarah received her Ph.D. from Scripps Institution of Oceanography. She is ​joining us after completing a three years postdoc term at the University of Texas A&M
  • KAUST Phstudent Furrukh Sana will join the group on Sep 1,2011. Furrukh will work in the collaborative project with UT-Austin on storm surge prediction. Furrukh will work on data assimilation into coupled shallow water  - wave model
  • Umar is giving a talk in the DARC group at the University of Reading on Aug 12, 2011
  • The group is organizing the workshop on “Optimization and Uncertainty quantification of Ocean Boundary Layers Physics”, University of Oxford, Aug 9-11, 2011
  • Thomas is visiting the Technical University of Munich between July to Sep 2011
Mr. Ali Aldawood, a member of the "Bingo" team, won the "travel grant" prize to attend the EAGE 76th Conference & Exhibition in Amsterdam after winning first place in the 1st EAGE Geo-Quiz competition in the Middle East held in GEO 2014 held, Bahrain.​
KAUST was successfully represented at the Young Professional Competition at the International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) in Doha in 2014. The young professional competition is a competition for graduate students and professionals with less than 5 years of work experience to showcase their research results that were evaluated by a panel of judges from Qatar Petroleum, MaerskOil, and so forth. Klemens Katterbauer, PhD Candidate in Earth Science & Engineering under supervision of I. Hoteit and S. Sun, successfully competed against 12 other participants from the oil and gas industry, after having qualified from a pool of more than 60 applicants. Showcasing his research and the practical relevance, Klemens attained the 2nd place in the competition winning a tablet and being amongst the only Saudi representative at the competition.​