Publications 2014

​Low-complexity wireless monitoring of respiratory movements using ultra-wideband response estimation
F. Sana, T. Ballal, T. Al-Naffouri, and I. Hoteit
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurements, 10(1), 192-200, 2014
F. Sana, T. Ballal, T. Al-Naffouri, and I. Hoteit
Background clutter; High sampling rates; Low signal-to-noise ratio; Novel methodology; Respiratory movement; Respiratory signals; Ultra-wideband channels; Wireless monitoring
​In this paper, we present a comprehensive scheme for wireless monitoring of the respiratory movements in humans. Our scheme overcomes the challenges low signal-to-noise ratio, background clutter and high sampling rates. It is based on the estimation of the ultra-wideband channel impulse response. We suggest techniques for dealing with background clutter in situations when it might be time variant. We also present a novel methodology for reducing the required sampling rate of the system significantly while achieving the accuracy offered by the Nyquist rate. Performance results from simulations conducted with pre-recorded respiratory signals demonstrate the robustness of our scheme for tackling the above challenges and providing a low-complexity solution for the monitoring of respiratory movements.

DOI: 10.1016/j.bspc.2013.11.004