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  • ​An adaptive approach to mitigate background covariance limitations in the ensemble Kalman filter
    H. Song, I. Hoteit, B. Cornuelle, and A. Subramanian
    Monthly Weather Review, 138, 2825-2845, 2010
Adaptive scheme; Back projection; Data coverage; Ensemble Kalman Filter; Ensemble members; Missing information; Model errors
  • ​Reply to “Comment on Ensemble Kalman filter with the unscented transform”
    X. Luo, L.M. Moroz, and I. Hoteit
    Physica-D, Volume 239, Issue 17, 1 September 2010, Pages 1662–1664
Data assimilation; Ensemble Kalman filter; Ensemble transform Kalman filter; Ensemble unscented Kalman filter; Unscented transform
  • ​An eddy permitting, dynamically consistent adjoint-based assimilation system for the tropical pacific: Hindcast experiments in 2000
    I. Hoteit, B. Cornuelle, and P. Heimbach
    Journal of Geophysical Research, Volume 115, Issue 3, March 2010, Article number C03001
Climatology; Oceanography; Salinity measurement; Tropics; Uncertainty analysis; Model checking; Pacific Ocean
  • ​Forecasting the Aegean Sea hydrodynamics within the POSEIDON-II operational system
    G. Korres, K. Nittis, L. Perivoliotis, K. Tsiaras, A. Papadopoulos, I. Hoteit, and G. Triantafyllou
    Journal of Operational Oceanography, 3, 37-49, 2010
POSEIDON-II operational system; Aegean Sea; Hydrodynamics; Singular Evolutive Extended Kalman (SEEK)
  • ​Scaled unscented transform Gaussian sum filter: theory and application
    X. Luo, L.M. Moroz, and I. Hoteit
    Physica-D, 239, 684-701, 2010
Data assimilation; Ensemble Kalman filter; Gaussian sum filter; Scaled unscented Kalman filter