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  • ​Abrupt warming of the Red Sea
    D.E. Raitsos, I. Hoteit, P.K. Prihartato, T. Chronis, G. Triantafyllou, and Y. Abu-Alnaja
    Geophysical Research Letters, Volume 38, Issue 14, 1 July 2011, Article number L14601
Air temperature; Changing environment; Climatic impact; Coral reef ecosystems; Global climate changes; Ground based; Key parameters; Marine temperatures; Northern Hemispheres; Red sea
  • Robust ensemble filtering and its relation to covariance inflation in the ensemble Kalman filter
    X. Luo, and I. Hoteit
    Monthly Weather Review, 139, 3938-3953, 2011
Ensembles; Filtering techniques; Kalman filters
  • Review of ensemble and particle filtering with application to the history matching problem in reservoir
    X. Luo, I. Hoteit, L. Duan and W. Wang
    Book chapter in “Nonlinear Estimation and Applications to Industrial Systems Control”, Editor G. Rigatos, 2011
Data assimilation; Ensemble Kalman filter; Gaussian sum filter; History matching in reservoir models; Nonlinear Kalman filter; Particle filter; Sequential Bayesian filtering
  • Data assimilation using Bayesian filters and B-spline geological models
    L. Duan, C. Farmer, I. Hoteit, X. Luo, I. Moroz
    Journal of Physics, vol.290, pp.012004
Control point; Curved channels; Data assimilation; Differentiability; Ensemble filter; Splines
  • Simultaneous perturbation stochastic approximation for tidal models
    U. Altaf, A. Heemink, M. Verlaan, and I. Hoteit
    Ocean Dynamics, 61, 1093-1105, 2011
Numerical tidal modeling; Parameter estimation; Simultaneous perturbation; Stochastic approximation