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  • Linear vs. nonlinear filtering with scale selective corrections for balanced dynamics in a simple atmospheric model
    A. Subramanian, I. Hoteit, B. Cornuelle, and H. Song
    Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, 69, 3405-3419, 2012
Bayesian methods; Data assimilation; Filtering techniques; Kalman filters; Nonlinear dynamics; Stability
  • Ensemble Kalman filtering with residual nudging
    X. Luo and I. Hoteit
    Tellus A, 64, 17130, 2012
Data assimilation; Ensemble kalman filter; Residual nudging
  • ​Data Assimilation within the Advanced Circulation (ADCIRC) Modeling Framework for Hurricane Storm Surge Forecasting
    T. Buttler, U. Altaf, C. Dawson, I. Hoteit, X. Luo, and T. Mayo
    Monthly Weather Review, 140, 2215-2231, 2012
Data assimilation; Filtering techniques; Hurricanes/typhoons; Kalman filters; Storm surges
  • On an ensemble Kalman filter with simplified divided difference approximation
    X. Luo and I. Hoteit, I. Moroz
    Physica-D, 241, 671-680, 2012
Data assimilation; Divided difference approximation; Ensemble Kalman filter
  • Particle Kalman filtering: A nonlinear Bayesian framework for ensemble Kalman filters
    I. Hoteit, X. Luo and D.T. Pham
    Monthly Weather Review, 140, 528-542, 2012
Bayesian methods; Data assimilation; Ensembles; Filtering techniques; Kalman filters
  • A new approach for the determination of the drag coefficient from the upper ocean response to a tropical cyclone: a feasibility study
    S. Zedler, R. Korty, G. Kanschat, and I. Hoteit
    Journal of Oceanography, 68, 227-241, 2012
Drag coefficient adjustment under high winds; Inverse modeling: Bayesian inference; Ocean response to a hurricane; Upper ocean mixing
  • ​Low-Rank Kalman filtering for efficient state estimation of subsurface advective contaminant transport models
    M. Elgharamti, I. Hoteit, and S. Sun
    Journal of Environmental Engineering, 138, 446-457, 2012
Aquifers; Contaminant transport; Kalman filter; Kalman filters; Low rank Kalman filtering; Pollutants; Singular evolutive Kalman filter; State estimation
  • A data assimilation tool for the Pagasitikos Gulf ecosystem dynamics: methods and benefits
    G. Korres, G. Triantafyllou, G. Petihakis, D. Raitsos, I. Hoteit, A. Pollani, S. Colella, and K. Tsiaras
    Journal of Marine Systems, 94, 102-117, 2012
Ecosystem modelling; High-resolution data assimilation; Ocean color; SEEK filter; SEIK filter