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  • ​Factors governing the deep ventilation of the Red Sea
    V. Papadopoulos, P. Zhan, S. Sofianos, A. Bower, D. Raitsos, M. Qurban, Y. AbuAlnaja, H. Kontoyiannis, A. Pavlidou, N. Zarokanellos, and I. Hoteit
    Journal of Geophysical Research 120, 7493-7505, 2015. (Highlighted as the cover of JGR issue)
Deep water formation; Red Sea; Thermohaline circulation
  • Fast Kalman-like filtering for high dimensional linear state-space models
    B. Ait-El-Fquih and I. Hoteit
    IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 63, 5853-5867, 2015
Bayesian filtering; Fast estimation algorithms; High dimension; Kalman filtering; Variational Bayes
  • ​Wind-wave source functions in opposing seas
    S. Langodan, L. Cavaleri, V. Yesubabu, and I. Hoteit
    Journal of Geophysical Research, 120, 6751-6768, 2015. (Highlighted as the cover of JGR issue)
Opposing waves; Red Sea; Wave model; Waves; White-capping; Winds
  • Enhanced oil recovery for carbonate reservoirs integrating cross-well seismic – a synthetic Warfa case study
    K. Katterbauer, S. Arango, S. Sun, and I. Hoteit
    Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 134, 1-13, 2015
Ensemble Kalman filter; Full waveform seismic; Heavy Oil; History matching; Steam drive
  • ​Regional ocean-color chlorophyll algorithms for the Red Sea
    R. Brewin, D. Raitsos, G. Dall’Olmo, N. Zarakanellos, T. Jackson, B. Jones, and I. Hoteit
    Remote Sensing of Environment, 165, 64-85, 2015
Chlorophyll; Coloured dissolved organic matter; Ocean colour; Phytoplankton; Red Sea; Remote sensing; Validation
  • ​An iterative ensemble Kalman filter with one-step-ahead smoothing for state-parameter estimation in subsurface hydrology
    M.E. Gharamti, B. Ait-El-Fquih, and I. Hoteit
    Journal of Hydrology, Volume 527, Pages 442–457, 2015
Bayesian estimation; Ensemble Kalman filter; One-step-ahead smoothing; State-parameter estimation; Subsurface contaminant transport
  • Mitigating observation perturbation sampling errors in the stochastic EnKF
    I. Hoteit, D.-T. Pham, M.E. Gharamti, and X. Luo
    Monthly Weather Review, 143, 2918-2936, 2015
Data assimilation; Sampling errors; Ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF)
  • Filtering remotely sensed chlorophyll concentrations in the Red Sea using a space-time covariance model and a Kalman filter
    D. Dreano, B. Mallick, and I. Hoteit
    Spatial Statistics, Volume 13, Pages 1–20, 2015
Chlorophyll concentration; Covariance models; Geostatistics; Kalman filter; Space-time statistics
  • ​The possibilities of least-squares migration of internally scattered seismic energy
    A. Al-Dawood, I. Hoteit, G. Turkiyyah, Z. Akbar, and T. Al-Khalifah
    Geophysics, 80, 93-101, 2015
Least-squares migration; Seismic energy; Earth's subsurface structures
  • Multi-data reservoir history matching for enhanced reservoir forecasting and uncertainty quantification
    K. Katterbauer, S. Arango, S. Sun, and I. Hoteit
    Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 128, 160-176, 2015
4D reservoir monitoring; Ensemble Kalman Filter; History matching; Sensitivity analysis
  • Far-field ocean conditions and concentrate discharges modeling along the Saudi Coast of the Red Sea
    P. Zhan, F. Yao, A. Kartadikaria, V. Yesubabu, G. Gopalakrishnan, and I. Hoteit
    Environmental Science and Engineering (Subseries: Environmental Science), Springer, 149pp., 501-520, 2015
Far-field ocean conditions; Saudi Coast; Red Sea; Connectivity Modeling System (CMS)
  • Phytoplankton phenology indices in coral reef ecosystems: application to ocean-colour observations in the Red Sea
    M.F. Racault, D. Raitsos, M. Berumen, T. Platt, S. Sathyendranath, and I. Hoteit
    Journal of Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 160, Pages 222–234, 2015
Coral reef ecosystems; Ecological indicators; ESA OC-CCI; Monsoon; Ocean-color remote sensing; Phytoplankton phenology; Red sea
  • Not finding Nemo: limited reef-scale retention in a coral reef fish
    G. Nanninga, P. Saenz-Agudelo, P. Zhan, I. Hoteit, and M. Berumen
    Coral Reefs, Volume 34, Issue 2, pp 383–392, 2015

Biophysical model; Larval dispersal; Local retention; Parentage analysis; Red Sea; Self-recruitment
  • Monsoon oscillations regulate fertility of the Red Sea
    D. Raitsos, X. Yi, T. Platt, M.-F. Racault, R.J.W. Brewin, Y. Pradhan, V.P. Papadopoulos, S. Sathyendranath, and I. Hoteit
    Geophysical Research Letters, Volume 42, Issue 3, Pages 855–862, 2015
Chlorophyll; ENSO; Horizontal advection; Monsoons; Phytoplankton biomass; Red Sea
  • Visualizing uncertainties in a storm surge ensemble data assimilation and forecasting system
    T. Höllt, U. Altaf, K. Mandli, M. Hadwiger, C. Dawson, and I. Hoteit
    Natural Hazards, 77, 317 - 336, 2015
Ensemble data; Interactive Visualization; Storm surge; Visual analysis
  • Thermocline regulated surface chlorophyll blooms in the Gulf of Aden
    F. Yao and I. Hoteit
    PLoS One, Volume 10, Issue 3, Article number e0119951
Chlorophyll content; Evolution; Gulf of Aden; Hurricane; Inorganic nutrient
  • ​Regional ocean data assimilation
    C. Edwards, A. Moore, I. Hoteit, and B. Cornuelle
    Annual Review of Marine Science, 7, 21-42, 2015
Data assimilation; Ecosystem modeling; Ocean modeling
  • ​Nonlinear Bayesian mode filtering
    B. Liu and I. Hoteit
    International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control, 11, 231-246, 2015
Bayesian filtering, Mode filtering, Natural gradient, Fisher information matrix
  • Impact of atmospheric modes of variability on the air-sea heat exchange in the Red Sea
    Y. Abu-Alnaja, V. Papadopoulos, S. Josey, D. Raitsos, H. Kontoyiannis, and I. Hoteit
    Journal of Climate, 28, 2665-2681, 2015
Atmospheric modes, Air-sea heat exchange, Red Sea
  • ​History matching of electromagnetically heated reservoirs incorporating full-wavefield seismic and EM imaging
    K. Katterbauer, I. Hoteit, and S. Sun
    Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE) Journal, 20(5), 923-941, 2015
Heavy oil recovery; Increasing temperatures; Long-term effects; Propagation pattern; Reservoir dynamics; Strong dependences; Technological improvements
  • ​Comparison between a coupled 1D-2D model and a fully 2D model for supercritical flow simulation in crossroads
    R. Ghostine, I. Hoteit, J. Vazquez, A. Terfous, A. Ghenaim, and R. Mose
    Journal of Hydraulics Research, 53, 274-281, 2015
Coupled 1D-2D model; Finite volume; Fully 2D model; Shallow water equations; Supercritical flow