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  • ​The gulf of aden intermediate water intrusion regulates the southern Red Sea summer phytoplankton blooms
    D. Dreano, D. Raitsos, J. Gittings, and I. Hoteit
    Plos One, olume 11, Issue 12, 2016
Red Sea; Phytoplankton blooms
  • On the efficiency of the hybrid and the second-order sampling formulations of the EnKF: A reality inspired 3D test case for estimating biodegradation rates of chlorinated hydrocarbons in the port of Rotterdam
    M.E. Gharamti, J. Valstar, G. Janssen, A. Marsman, and I. Hoteit
    Hydrology and Earth System Science, 20, 4561-4583, 2016
Anaerobic degradation; Background information; Chlorinated hydrocarbon; Ensemble Kalman Filter
  • ​On the generation and evolution of internal solitary waves in the southern Red Sea
    D. Guo, T. Akylas, P. Zhan, A. Kartadikaria, and I. Hoteit
    Journal of Geophysical Research, Volume 121, Issue 12, Pages 8566–8584, 2016
Generation mechanism; Internal solitary waves; Numerical simulation; Red Sea; SAR image
  • ​Path planning in uncertain flow fields using ensemble method
    T. Wang, O. Le Maitre, I. Hoteit and O. Knio
    Ocean Dynamics, 66, 1231-1251, 2016
Ensemble forecast; Heading control; Optimal path planning; Polynomial chaos
  • Polynomial chaos-based Bayesian inference of K-profile parameterization in an ocean general circulation model of the tropical Pacific
    I. Sraj, S. Zedler, C. Jackson, O. Knio, and I. Hoteit
    Monthly Weather Review, Volume 144, Issue 12, Pages 4621-4640, 2016
Bayesian methods; Ocean circulation; Spectral analysis/models/distribution
  • ​Climatic features of the Red Sea from a regional assimilative model
    V. Yesubabu, H. Dasari, S. Langodan, S. Venkata, and I. Hoteit
    International Journal of Climatology, 2016
3DVAR; Data assimilation; Dynamical downscaling; Red Sea reanalysis; WRF model
  • ​A high resolution assessment of wind and wave energy potentials in the Red Sea
    S. Langodan, Y. Viswanadhapalli, H. Dasari, O. Knio, and I. Hoteit
    Applied Energy, 244-255, 2016
ARW reanalysis; Red Sea; Wave energy; WAVEWATCH III; Wind energy
  • ​A Bayesian consistent dual ensemble Kalman filter for state-parameter estimation in subsurface hydrology
    B. Ait-El-Fquih, M.E. Gharamti, and I. Hoteit
    Hydrology and Earth System Science, 20, 3289-3307, 2016
Dual filtering strategy; Ensemble Kalman Filter; Ensemble Kalman filtering; Numerical experiments
  • ​A variational Bayesian multiple particle filtering scheme for large-dimensional systems
    B. Ait-El-Fquih and I. Hoteit
    IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 64, 5409-5422, 2016
Bayesian filtering; Hidden Markov chain; High dimension; Particle filtering; Sequential Monte Carlo; Variational Bayes
  • ​The eddy kinetic energy budget in the Red Sea
    P. Zhan, A. Subramanian, F. Yao, A. Kartadikaria, D. Guo, and I. Hoteit
    Journal of Geophysical Research, Volume 121, Issue 7, Pages 4732–4747, 2016
Eddy; Eddy kinetic energy; Red Sea
  • ​Single-site Lennard-Jones models via polynomial chaos surrogate of Monte Carlo molecular simulation
    A. Kadoura, A. Sripatana, O. Knio, S. Sun, and I. Hoteit
    Journal of Chemical Physics, 144, 214301, 2016
Complex molecules; Computational time; Large-scale optimization; Lennard-Jones model; Molecular simulations; Polynomial chaos; Supercritical isotherm
  • ​A sparse Bayesian imaging technique for efficient recovery of reservoir channels with time-lapse seismic measurements
    F. Sana, F. Ravanelli, T. Al-Nafouri, and I. Hoteit
    IEEE of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 9, 2242-2254, 2016
Ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF); K-SVD; orthogonal matching pursuit (OMP); reservoir history matching; seismic imaging; sparsity; subsurface channels recovery; support agnostic Bayesian matching pursuit (SABMP)
  • ​Data assimilation of depth-distributed satellite chlorophyll-a in two Mediterranean contrasting sites
    S. Kalaroni, K. Tsiaras, G. Petihakis, I. Hoteit, A. Economou-Amilli, and G. Triantafyllou
    Journal of Marine Systems, 160, 40-53, 2016
Chlorophyll; Data assimilation; Ecosystem model; Ensemble Kalman filter; Mediterranean Sea; Ocean color
  • ​Orthogonal matching pursuit for enhanced recovery of sparse geological structures with the ensemble Kalman filter
    F. Sana, K. Katterbauer, T. Al-Nafouri, and I. Hoteit
    IEEE of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 9, 1710-1724, 2016
Compressed sensing (CS); Ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF); K-SVD; Orthogonal matching pursuit (OMP); Sparsity; State-parameter estimation; Subsurface characterization
  • ​A study of reduced order 4DVAR with a finite element shallow water model
    U. Altaf, M. Ambrozic, M. MacCabe, and I. Hoteit
    International Journal of Numerical Methods in Fluids, 80, 631-647, 2016
Proper orthogonal decomposition; Reduced variational data assimilation; Shallow water models; Variational data assimilation
  • ​Assessing clustering strategies for Gaussian mixture filtering of a subsurface contaminant model
    B. Lui, M.E. Gharamti, and I. Hoteit
    Journal of Hydrology, 535, 1-21, 2016
Clustering; Ensemble Kalman filtering; Gaussian mixtures; Particle filtering; Subsurface contaminant model
  • ​Impact of atmospheric data assimilation on wave simulation in the Red Sea
    S. Langodan, V. Yesubabu, and I. Hoteit
    Ocean Engineering, 116, 200-215, 2016
3DVAR; Data assimilation; Red Sea; Wave modeling; WRF model
  • ​Predicting extreme rainfall events over Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Impact of data assimilation with conventional and satellite observations
    V. Yesubabu, C. Srinivas, S. Langodan, and I. Hoteit
    Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 327-348, 2016
3D-Var; Data assimilation; Flash flood; Jeddah; WRF model
  • ​Efficient Kernel-based ensemble Gaussian mixture filtering
    A. Lui, B. Ait-El-Fquih, and I. Hoteit
    Monthly Weather Review, 144, 781-800, 2016
Bayesian filtering; Data assimilation; Efficient implementation; Ensemble-Monte Carlo method; Gaussian mixtures;
  • Synergizing crosswell seismic and electromagnetic techniques for enhancing reservoir characterization
    K. Katterbauer, I. Hoteit, and S. Sun
    Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE) Journal, 2016
Seismic and electromagnetic techniques; Hydrocarbon projects; 2D, 3D reservoirs
  • ​Enhanced characterization of reservoir hydrocarbon reservoir components using electromagnetic data attributes
    K. Katterbauer, S. Arango, S. Sun, and I. Hoteit
    Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 140, 1-15, 2016
Archie parameter estimation; Electromagnetic data; Ensemble based history matching; History matching; Observation error covariance estimation
  • Coordinates transformation and polynomial chaos for the Bayesian Inference of a Gaussian process with parameterized prior covariance function
    I. Sraj, O. Le Maitre, O. Knio, and I. Hoteit
    Computer Methods in Applied Mathematics and Engineering, 298, 205-228, 2016
Bayesian inference; Dimensionality reduction; Karhunen-Loève expansion; Markov Chain Monte Carlo