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  • ​Baroclinic tides simulation in the Red Sea: comparison to observations and basic characteristics
    D. Guo, A. Kartadikaria, P. Zhan, J. Xie, and I. Hoteit
    Journal of Geophysical Research, 2018
Numerical simulation, Baroclinic tides, Red Sea, Three‐dimensional, Energetics, Basic characteristics
  • ​Intra-season crop height variability at commercial farms using a fixed-wing UAV
    M. Ziliani, S. Parkesa, I. Hoteit, and M. McCabe
    Remote Sensing, 10(12), 2007; doi:10.3390/rs10122007, 2018
Digital image processing, Dynamic crop height, Image matchingIntra-field spatial variability, Site-specific crop management, UAV
  • ​Sensitivity of Red Sea eddies using adjoint method
    P. Zhan, G. Gapalakrishnan, A. Subramanian, and I. Hoteit
    Journal of Geophysical Research, 123, 8329-8345, 2018
Eddy, Red Sea, Adjoint, MITgcm, Sensitivity
  • ​Prominent modes of summer air temperature variability and associated circulation anomalies over the Arabian Peninsula
    R. Attada, R. K. Yadav, R.K. Kunchala, H. P. Dasari, O. Knio and I. Hoteit
    Atmospheric Science Letters, 19:e860, 2018
Arabian Peninsula, Mid‐latitude Eurasian Rossby wave, Summer surface air temperature
  • ​Lagrangian tracking in stochastic fields with an application of an ensemble of velocity fields in the Red Sea
    S. El-Mohtar, I. Hoteit, O. Knio, L. Issa, and I. Lakkis
    Ocean Modelling, 131, 1-14, 2018
Stochastic flow fields, Red sea, Lagrangian tracking
  • ​Bayesian inference of earthquake rupture models using polynomial Chaos expansion
    H. Cruz-Jimenez, G. Li, P. M. Mai, I. Hoteit, and O. Knio
    Geoscientific Model Development, 11, 3071-3088, 2018
Bayesian analysis, Earthquake hypocentere, Erthquake rupture, Environmental modeling, Equation
  • ​Unsupervised ensemble Kalman filtering with an uncertain constraint for land hydrological data assimilation
    M. Khaki, B. Ait-El-Fquih, I. Hoteit, M. Kuhn, E. Forootan, J. Awange, and M. Kuhn
    Journal of Hydrology, 564, 175-190, 2018
Constrained data assimilation, Ensemble Kalman Filter (EnKF), Unsupervised Weak Constrained Ensemble Kalman Filter (UWCEnKF)
  • ​The role of the Indian summer monsoon in the Arabian Peninsula summer climate variability
    R. Attada, H. Dasari, A. Parekh, J.S. Chowdary, S. Langodan, O. Knio, and I. Hoteit
    Climate Dynamics, doi:10.1007/s00382-018-4333-x, 2018
Arabian Peninsula, Indian Summer, Monsoon, Warm core structure, Rossby wave
  • ​Nonparametric data assimilation scheme for land hydrological applications
    M. Khaki, F. Hamilton, E. Forootan, I. Hoteit, J. Awange, M. Kuhn
    Water Resources Research, doi:10.1029/2018WR022854, 2018
Data assimilation, Kalman‐Takens, Adaptive unscented Kalman filtering (AUKF), Hydrological modeling
  • ​Surface air temperature variability over the Arabian Peninsula and its links to circulation patterns
    R. Attada, H. Dasari, J.S. Chowdary, R.K. Yadav, O. Knio, and I. Hoteit
    International Journal of Climatology, doi:10.1002/joc.5821, 2018
Air temperature variability, Arabian Peninsula, Circulation patterns, Trends
  • ​Surrogate-based parameter inference in debris flow model
    M. Navarro, O. Le Maitre, I. Hoteit, D. George, K. Mandli, and O. Knio
    Computational Geosciences, 6, 1147-1463, 2018
Bayesian inference, Polynomial chaos expansion, Debris flow, Uncertainty quantification
  • ​Red Sea deep water renewals caused by volcanic eruptions and the north Atlantic oscillation
    F. Yao and I. Hoteit
    Science Advances, 4:eaar5637, 2018
Saline water, Deep-water formation, Deep-water renewals, North Atlantic oscillations
  • ​Aerosol optical depth variability over the Arabian Peninsula as inferred from satellite measurements
    K.R. Kumar, R. Attada, H.P. Dasari, R.K. Vellore, S. Langodan, Y. AbuAlnaja, and I. Hoteit
    Atmospheric Environment, 187, 346-357, 2018
Aerosol optical depth, Arabian peninsula, ENSO, Tokar jet
  • ​Ensemble Kalman filter inference of spatially varying Manning’s n coefficients in the coastal ocean
    A. Sripitana, T. Mayo, O. Knio, C. Dawson, O. Le Maitre, andI. Hoteit
    Journal of Hydrology, 562, 664-684, 2018
Data assimilation, Singular evolutive interpolated Kalman filter, Manning’s n coefficients, ADvanced CIRCulation (ADCIRC) model, Uncertainty quantification
  • ​A fault-tolerant HPC scheduler extension for large and operational ensemble data assimilation in the Red Sea
    H. Toye, S. Kortas, P. Zhan, and I. Hoteit
    Journal of Computational Science, 2018
High performance computing, Ensemble data assimilation, Bayesian filtering, Operational oceanography, Red Sea
  • ​Optimal projection of observations in a Bayesian setting
    L. Giraldi, O. Le-Maitre, I. Hoteit, and O. Knio
    Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 124, 252-276, 2018
Gaussian linear model, Information theory, Optimal data reduction, Optimal dimensionality reduction
  • ​Data assimilation in oceanography: current status and new directions
    I. Hoteit, X. Luo, M. Bocquet, A. Kohl, and B. Ait-El-Fquih
    Book Chapter, New Frontiers in Operational Oceanography, Editors: E. P. Chassignet, A. Pascual, J. Tintore, and J. Verron. GODAE Ocean View, 815pp, 2018
Data assimilation, Oceanography
  • ​Impacts of warming on phytoplankton abundance and phenology in a typical tropical marine ecosystem
    J. Gittings, D. Raitsos, G. Krokos, and I. Hoteit
    Scientific Reports, doi:10.1038/s41598-018-20560-5, 2018
Ecosystem, Phytoplankton, Indian Ocean, Climate change, Biodiversity
  • ​Ensemble Kalman filtering with one step-ahead smoothing
    N. Raboudi, B. Ait-El-Fquih, and I. Hoteit
    Monthly Weather Review, 146, 561-581, 2018
Kalman filters, Ensembles, Operational forecasting, Data assimilation
  • ​The Red Sea
    S. Carvalho, B. Kürten, G. Krokos, I. Hoteit, and J. Ellis
    Book Chapter, World Seas: An Environmental Evaluation, 2ndEdition, Vol.II: The Indian Ocean to the Pacific, Elsevier, 2018
Red Sea, Coral reefs, Mangroves, Salinity, Deep brine pools, Coral bleaching
  • ​Unraveling climatic trends of wind and waves in the Red Sea using wave spectral partitioning
    S. Langodan, L. Cavaleri, J. Portilla, A. Pamero, and I. Hoteit
    Journal of Climate, 31, 1881-1895, 2018
Waves, Oceanic, Wind waves, Wind, Climate change, Climate variability
  • ​An efficient state-parameter filtering scheme combining an ensemble Kalman and particle filters
    B. Ait-El-Fquih and I. Hoteit
    Monthly Weather Review,146, 871-887, 2018
Bayesian methods, Filtering techniques, Kalman filters, Data assimilation, Nonlinear models
  • ​Dynamically adaptive data-driven simulation of extreme hydrological flows
    P. K. Jain, K. Mandli, I. Hoteit, O. Knio, and C. Dawson
    Ocean Modelling, 122, 85-103, 2018
Data assimilation, Ensemble Kalman filter, Adaptive mesh refinement, Tsunami, Okada model, Shallow water equations, Uncertainty quantification
  • ​Risk-averse formulations and methods for a virtual power plant
    R. Lima, A. Conejo, S. Langodan, I. Hoteit, and O. Knio
    Computers and Operations Research, 96, 350-373, 2018
Optimization under uncertainty, Stochastic programming, Conditional value at risk, Energy, Virtual power plant
  • ​ENSO influence on the interannual variability of the Red Sea convergence zone and associated rainfall
    H. Dasari, Y. Viswanadhapalli, S. Langodan, V. Papadopoulos, B. Vadlamudi, and I. Hoteit
    Journal of Climatology, 38, 761-775, 2018
Red Sea convergence zone, Red Sea trough, ENSO, Rainfall, Moisture convergence