Research Scientist

Fengchao Yao, PhD

Current: Associate Professor, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China

Research Interests: Physical oceanography, Ocean modeling

Postdoctoral Fellow

Yesubabu Viswanadhapalli

Current: Senior Scientist at NCAL, India

Research Interests: Atmospheric modeling

Xiaodong Luo

Current: Senior Scientist at
Incorporated Research Institutions for
Seismology (IRIS), Norway​

Research Interests: Data assimilation, History matching, Inverse Problems

Umer Altaf

Current: Research Scientist at TU Delft, Netherlands​​

Research Interests: Inverse Problems, Order Reduction

Thomas Amler

Current: Faculty at Leiden, Holland

Research Interests: PDEs, Inverse Problems, Seismic imaging, Fluid mechanics

Sarah Zedler

Current: Postdoc at UT Austin, USA

Research Interests: Physical oceanography, Ocean modeling, Inverse Problems

Ravi Kumar

​Current: Faculty at IIT-Delhi, India

Research Interests: Data assimilation

Rabih Ghostine

Current: Faculty at Kuwait University

Research Interests: Flood Modeling, PDEs, Numerical methods

Jieshuo Xie

​Current: Faculty at Chinese Academy

Research Interests: Data assimilation

Ihab Sraj

​Current: Research Scientist at Duke, USA

Research Interests: Data assimilation

Dionysios Raitsos

Current: Faculty, Athens, Greece

Research Interests: Marine microbiology, Climate Change Effect on Biology, Marine ecology

Bo Liu

Current: Research Engineer at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, KSA

Research Interests: Estimation Theory, Control theory

Ahmed EL-Sheikh

Current: Faculty at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland

Research Interests: Data assimilation

Aditya Kartadikaria

​Current: Faculty at Bandung Institute of Technology

Research Interests: Data assimilation

Mohamad Hittawe, PhD

Research Interests: Machine learning, Big data, Artificial Intelligence

Raju Attada, PhD

Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Mohali, India

Research Interests: Climate modelling, Climate variability and change, Monsoon dynamics, Data assimilation

PhD Student

Klemens Katterbauer

Earth Science and Engineering

Research Interests: History matching, 4D seismic, EM

Furrukh Sana

Current: Postdoc at Harvard Medical School

Research Interests: Bayesian estimation, Compressive sensing

Denis Dreano

Current: J. Manager at Suisse-Re, SW

Research Interests: Data assimilation, Statistical modeling, Extreme events, Red sea chlorophyll

Ali Aldawood

Current: Geophysist at ARAMCO, KSA

Research Interests: Seismic imaging, Inverse Problems

Mohamad E. Gharamti

Current: Scientist at NCAR, USA

Research Interests: Subsurface flow and transport modeling, Inverse Problems, Data assimilation

Matteo Giuseppe Ziliani

PhD Student

Research Interests: Environment modeling, Agricultural monitoring, Remote sensing, Crop forecasting

John Gittings

PhD Student

Research Interests: Biological oceanography, Ocean colour remote sensing, Phytoplankton phenology, Marine ecology

George Krokos

PhD Student

Research Interests: Physical oceanography

Adil Siripatana

Current: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Research Interests: Ocean modeling, Data assimilation, Uncertainty quantification

Masters Student

Lautaro Rayo

Current: Aramco, Saudi Arabia​

Research Interests: History matching

Zaid Sawlan

Current: PhD student at KAUST, Saudi Arabia

Research Interests: Data assimilation

Xing Yi

Current: PhD student in Ocean
Sciences at the University of Hamburg
- Germany

Research Interests: Physical oceanography, Ocean modeling

Sergey Charnyi

Current: PhD student at Clemson University, USA

Research Interests: Mathematical Sciences

Fabio Ravanelli

Current: Petroleum Engineer at ARAMCO, KSA

Research Interests: History matching, Time-Lapse Data, Saturation Modeling

Eyas Alfaris

Current: King Abdulaziz City for
Science and Technology, Riyadh,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia​​

Research Interests: Data assimilation

Aurore Boutin

Current: Fugro OSAE, Bremen - Germany

Research Interests: Data assimilation