Ecosystem modeling and data assimilation of physical and biogeochemical processes in shelf and regional areas of the Mediterranean Sea
Year: 2005
Authors: G. Triantafyllou, I. Hoteit, G. Korres, G. Petihakis
  • Data Assimilation
  • Singular Evolutive Extended Kalman (SEEK) filter
  • Model Error
Comparison of extended and ensemble based Kalman filters with low and high-resolution primitive equations ocean models
Year: 2005
Authors: I. Hoteit, G. Korres, G. Triantafyllou
  • Modeling
  • Ocean
  • Kalman Filters
Efficient data assimilation into a complex 3D physical-biogeochemical model using a partially local Kalman filter
Year: 2005
Authors: I. Hoteit, G. Triantafyllou, G. Petihakis
  • Ecosystems
  • Ecology
  • Numerical Modeling
  • Ocean Prediction