A two-update ensemble Kalman filter for land hydrological data assimilation with an uncertain constraint
Year: 2017
Authors: M. Khaki, B. Ait-El-Fquih, I. Hoteit, E. Forootan, J. Awange, M. Kuhn
  • Constrained Data Assimilation
  • Ensemble Kalman Filtering
  • Weak Constrained Ensemble Kalman Filter
  • Water Budget Closure
  • Hydrological Modelling
Quantifying uncertainties in fault slip distribution during the Tohoku tsunami using Polynomial Chaos
Year: 2017
Authors: I. Sraj, K. Mandli, O. Knio, C. Dawson, I. Hoteit
  • Basis Pursuit Denoising
  • Bayesian Inference
  • Earthquake Inversion
  • Non-intrusive Spectral Projection
  • Polynomial Chaos
  • Tsunami
Inferring soil salinity from multi-configuration electromagnetic induction measurements using adaptive Markov Chain Monte Carlo
Year: 2017
Authors: K.Z. Jadoon, U. Altaf, M. McCabe, I. Hoteit, N. Muhammad, L. Weihermuller
  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Markov Processes
  • Monte Carlo Methods
  • Adaptive Markov Chain Monte Carlo
Decadal trends in Red Sea maximum surface temperature
Year: 2017
Authors: V. Chaidez, D. Dreano, S. Augusti, C. Duarte, I. Hoteit
  • Sea Surface Temperature
  • Warming
Sensing coral reef connectivity pathways from space
Year: 2017
Authors: D. Raitsos, R. Brewin, P. Zhan, D. Dreano, Y. Pradhan, I. Hoteit
  • Coral Reef
  • Gene Flow
  • Gene Structure
  • Genetic Distance
  • Physical Model
  • Population Model
  • Simulation
Assessing sequential data assimilation techniques for integrating GRACE data into a hydrological model
Year: 2017
Authors: M. Khaki, I. Hoteit, M. Kuhn, J. Awange, E. Forootan, C. Pattiaratchi, A. Van Dijk
  • Data Assimilation
  • Hydrological Modeling
  • Kalman Filtering
  • Particle Filtering
Assessing an ensemble Kalman filter inference of Manning's n coefficient of a storm surge model against a Polynomial Chaos-based MCMC
Year: 2017
Authors: A. Sripitana, T. Mayo, I. Sraj, O. Knio, C. Dawson, O. Le Maitre, I. Hoteit
  • Manning's n Coefficient
  • Storm Surge Model Framework
  • Kalman Filter
  • Bayesian Inference
Forecasting the ecology of the Red Sea using a cluster of regional 1D marine ecosystem assimilative models
Year: 2017
Authors: D. Dreano, G. Triantafyllou, K. Tsiaras, I. Hoteit
  • Data Assimilation
  • Ensemble Kalman Filter
  • SEIK
  • Marine Ecosystem Modelling
  • Red Sea
  • Clustering
  • Chlorophyll Remote Sensing
Analysis of a severe weather event over Mecca, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia using Observations and High-Resolution Modelling
Year: 2017
Authors: H. Dasari, R. Attada, O. Knio, I. Hoteit
  • Mecca Region
  • Storm
  • Strong Winds
  • Rainfall
  • Orography
  • Red Sea Moisture
  • High‐resolution Model
Ensemble data assimilation in the Red Sea: sensitivity to ensemble selection and atmospheric forcing
Year: 2017
Authors: H. Toye, P. Zhan, G. Gopalakrishnan, A. Kartadikaria, H. Huang, O. Knio, I. Hoteit
  • Red Sea
  • Data Assimilation
  • Seasonal Variability
  • Ensemble Kalman Filter
  • Ensemble Optimal Interpolation
A hybrid ensemble-OI Kalman filter for efficient data assimilation into a 3D biogeochemical model of the Mediterranean
Year: 2017
Authors: T. Kostas, I. Hoteit, G. Petihakis, S. Kalaroni, G. Triantafyllou
  • Data Assimilation
  • Biogeochemical Model
  • Kalman Filter
  • Ocean Color
  • Mediterranean
Estimation of error covariances in nonlinear state-space models using Kalman Smoothing and the Expectation-Maximization algorithm
Year: 2017
Authors: D. Dreano, P. Tandeo, M. Pulido, B. Ait-El-Fquih, T. Chonavel, I. Hoteit
  • Expectation–maximization
  • EnKF
  • EnKS
  • Extended Kalman Filter
  • Model Error
  • State‐space Models
The climatology of the Red Sea – Part-I: The wind
Year: 2017
Authors: S. Langodan, A. Pomaro, L. Cavaleri, Y. Vishwanadhapalli, L. Bertotti, I. Hoteit
  • The Red Sea
  • Red Sea Climatology
  • Wind Climate
  • WRF
  • Long‐term Climate Trend
Climatic features of the Red Sea from a regional assimilative model
Year: 2017
Authors: V. Yesubabu, H. Dasari, S. Langodan, S. Challa, I. Hoteit
  • Red Sea Reanalysis
  • WRF Model
  • Dynamical Downscaling
  • Data Assimilation
  • 3DVAR
Bayesian inference of earthquake parameters from buoy data using a polynomial chaos-based surroga
Year: 2017
Authors: L. Giraldi, O. Le Maitre, K. Mandli. C. Dawson, I. Hoteit, O. Knio
  • Uncertainty Quantification
  • Bayesian Inference
  • Polynomial Chaos Expansion
  • Noise Model
  • Low-rank Representation
  • Shallow Water Equation
  • Tsunami
  • Earthquake Inversion
Downscaling the 2D Benard convection equations using continuous data assimilation
Year: 2017
Authors: U. Altaf, E. Titi, O. Knio, L. Zhao, M. McCabe, I. Hoteit
  • Bénard Convection Equations
  • Continuous Data Assimilation
  • Dynamical Downscaling
Integrating gravimetric and interferometric synthetic aperture radar data for enhancing reservoir history matching of carbonate gas and volatile oil reservoirs
Year: 2017
Authors: K. Katterbauer, S. Arango, S. Sun, I. Hoteit
  • Ensemble Kalman Filter
  • Gas Condensate Reservoir
  • Gravimetry
  • History Matching