Hybrid nested sampling algorithm for Bayesian model selection applied to inverse subsurface flow problems
Year: 2014
Authors: A. El-Sheikh, M. Wheeler, I. Hoteit
  • Bayesian Model Comparison
  • Hybrid Monte Carlo
  • Nested Sampling
  • Stochastic Ensemble Method
  • Subsurface Flow Models
  • Uncertainty Quantification
Low-complexity wireless monitoring of respiratory movements using ultra-wideband response estimation
Year: 2014
Authors: F. Sana, T. Ballal, T. Al-Naffouri, I. Hoteit
  • Background Clutter
  • High Sampling Rates
  • Low signal-to-noise Ratio
  • Novel Methodology
  • Respiratory Movement
  • Respiratory Signals
  • Ultra-wideband Channels
  • Wireless Monitoring