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Impact of urbanization on the simulation of extreme rainfall in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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Atmospheric conditions and air quality assessment over NEOM, kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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Capturing a Mode of Intermediate Water Formation in the Red Sea
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Unsupervised Variational Bayesian Kalman Filtering For Large-Dimensional Gaussian Systems
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Can we extrapolate climate in an inner basin? The case of the Red Sea
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Calibrating land hydrological models and enhancing their forecasting skills using an ensemble Kalman filter with one-step-ahead smoothing
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A Particle Filter-based Adaptive Inflation Scheme for the Ensemble Kalman Filter
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Flow maps and coherent sets for characterizing residence times and connectivity in lagoons and coral reefs: The case of the red sea
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Wave energy converters: Barriers and drivers
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A Bayesian Structural Time Series Approach for Predicting Red Sea Temperatures
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History matching of time-lapse deep electromagnetic tomography with a feature oriented ensemble-based approach
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